Friday, December 10, 2010



There is a definite connection between the beginning and end of a story. It is very apparent that one must learn to structure a narrative as effectively as possible to get the best audience reaction. Another important thing that I have learned to remember is who you are making your film to be viewed by, and that you can't make everyone love your piece. There is no film that has ever been made that was loved by everyone. You must learn to be effective, precise, and perceptive.
In the article that I read, it says to know how your film is going to end before you know how it is going to begin or how your main body of your plot will be structured. I found this especially true when I was making the narrative for Threads. When I decided to have the ending the way it was, it was much easier to structure the events that transpired in between the beginning and ending.

Overall, this article helped me learned how to more effectively communicate an idea or plot to an audience. The "classic" principles that have been established in film making industry can be studied in their effectiveness and applied to my work.

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