Friday, December 10, 2010

Response: By Design;New Digital Cinema


This article stated that since 2000 music videos and design films have been based on contemporary media. It also stated that in regards to hybrid spaces, it is important to see that current music videos are mixing the ideas of what is "real" with what is obviously constructed. These two worlds have recently become increasingly difficult to separate.

A great example of a short film that has been made recently is the Chanel #5 commercial with Nicole Kidmann. They way in which the sets were fabricated is obvious, however its effectiveness its easily seen. I hope to apply this into my work. I am currently making a large green screen that I can work with alone the same lines as this work.

The art of commerce is something that applies strongly to me. I want to be able to make works that I can apply to the commercial world as well. I am continuing my exploration of videos for this.

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