Thursday, September 2, 2010


Working Title: Amtrak, Waiting Room
Description:(More Coming)
This production is going to be using elements of traditional narrative and cinema to trap the audience into a cinematic love story they can't get enough of. Its purpose is to remain intriguing and moving, while still engaging the viewer into understand the importance of time and humility. The images shown are three stills that I took of locations for my shooting. The large inclosed space in Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri.
This location was chosen for its elegance and timelessness. The architecture will be echoed into the wardrobe and costume design. The water/dock location was chosen to be a ying/yang effect with the massive construction that the Union Station implies. I hope that this short film will create a sense of balance and coverage with the audience while still teaching them a lesson and leave them wanting more.

Equipment: Canon 5D MarkII, Light Reflectors, Tripods, Tracking equipment
Costume/Makeup Design: Matthew Wilson

Estimated Completion Date: Sept. 23, 2011

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