Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"My idea for this Soft Cinema edition was to create a film without a pre-formulated

narrative. I started with two assumptions. Firstly that meaning and narrative

coherence can be created through associative chains. Secondly – presuming that

human perception works to connect images that are presented together and to

integrate them into a coherent, meaningful, structure – that it is possible to create

these associative chains through the visual properties of images."

My idea for a new project to work on is to use to idea of "celebrity" that was created in pop culture and expose its randomness and use of "image." I will use footage that makes the viewer believe that the individual being documented will not be aware of the camera in some scenes. In other scenes, the character will be playing into the media/camera in their own characterization. This project will be an exploration of the construction of image and identity.

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